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Amarok logo.png Amarok est le lecteur de musique de la communauté KDE

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Amarok est un lecteur audio puissant, polyvalent, multi-plateforme, libre et riche en fonctionnalités. Il permet une gestion facile de votre collection, récupère automatiquement les informations et les pochettes d'albums et intègre nativement le support de services comme Jamendo,, Magnatune et Librivox. Vous pouvez également le personnaliser pour le faire correspondre à vos besoins. La version stable actuelle est la version 2.4.

Si vous utilisez Amarok pour la première fois, vous devriez regarder le Guide de démarrage rapide d'Amarok.

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Amarok possède une interface en trois volets par défaut.

Le panneau de gauche (Sources de médias)

Le panneau de gauche Sources de média vous permet d'accéder à votre collection locale ainsi qu'à d'autres services. Pour accéder à votre musique, cliquez sur Musique locale en haut de la liste qui vous permet d'accéder à l'interface principale de votre collection locale ainsi qu'aux lecteurs mp3 ou CD connectés. La section Internet vous permet d'accéder aux services internet que vous avez activés. Dans cette section, vous pouvez parcourir la liste des stations radios, la liste de vos podcasts et vous inscrire à de nouveaux podcasts, interagir avec votre compte, acheter de la musique en ligne sur des services en ligne comme Magnatude ou télécharger de la musique d'artistes indépendants sur Jamendo et plus encore. La section Listes de lecture vous permet de créer et de gérer les Listes de lecture dynamiques, d'accéder à vos Listes de lectures enregistrées ou encore à en créer grâce au Générateur automatique de listes de lecture. La section Fichiers vous permet d'accéder à un navigateur de fichier intégrer et la section Podcasts vous permet d'accéder à vos abonnements podcast.

Le panneau central (Vue contextuelle)

This is where all the information is displayed. The central pane contains 3 applets that dynamically change to display context information about the track that is currently playing. You can see the rating, score and play count of the Current Track applet or the last played tracks if nothing is playing, the Lyrics of the song and the Wikipedia page on the artist. More applets can be added, removed or rearranged using the Applet Bar at the bottom of the pane.

Le panneau de droite (Liste de lecture)

Amarok has the most configurable playlist of any music player in existence. It puts the power in your hands to shape the playlist any way you see fit. To start you off, there are three pre-configured playlist layouts that you can use as starting points to create the layout that fits your flow the best. You can generate playlist dynamically with various bias or use the Automatic Playlist Generator, shuffle, play at random or repeat, queue tracks and save the existing playlists for later use.



Amarok can support most popular formats for music files. The actual list of formats is dependent on the codecs and audio backend in use on your system. There's also support for traditional playlists — you can create, save and load all the playlists you want.

Support de périphériques

Amarok offers support for a great variety of Media devices such as iPods, MTP and UMS devices.

The button Merge View at the top of the collection lets you merge collections. This means songs from your local collection, audio CD, mp3-player and so on will be shown in one unified collection. It is a toggle switch so you can easily revert to showing the separate sources.

Vue contextuelle configurable

The Context view, the centerpiece attraction in Amarok, can automatically fetch contextual information about the currently playing song (such as album art, lyrics or Wikipedia information) from the Internet and display them. This is one of the unique features of the Amarok series.

Services internet

Amarok - Internet Services.png
Amarok opens the gateway to a rich multimedia experience on the Internet.
  • Sporting interfaces to services such as Ampache music servers and mp3tunes lockers, it allows you to listen to your music from anywhere in the world.
  • You can sample and buy music from Magnatune.
  • Using the Jamendo service, you can listen to and download music from independent artists who can be supported by your donations.
  • With integrated functionality, you can scrobble your tracks, use features like statistics, charts and subscribers can listen to radio streams customized to your music taste — all from Amarok.

And that is just the beginning — you can add even more Internet services using the Script Manager.

Gestionnaire de scripts

Scripts are add-ons that allow you to extend Amarok’s functionality in innovative ways. Using the Script Manager, you can manage these scripts in that it allows you to install/remove or enable/disable scripts you already have. You can also use the Get More Scripts feature to download new scripts submitted by other users.

Gestionnaire de pochettes

You can browse through your music collection using the nifty Cover Manager that displays the album art, download covers from various sources or let Amarok check automatically for covers in the internet.

Noter et évaluer

You can show your love for the songs by rating them. Amarok supports ½⋅✩ ratings, too. In addition, Amarok can calculate a score (a sort of guessed rating) depending on metrics such as how often you listen to or skip a song.

Pop-Up Dropper

This is an innovative interface that offers contextual options (such as the ones you see in a right-click menu) that you can "drop" a song into. Grab a track and see the Pop-Up Dropper appear in the context view pane!

Vue de la liste de lecture configurable

The currently loaded playlist is highly configurable and can show information about the songs in any form you like. If you are used to the Spreadsheet View found in Amarok 1.x series and other music players, you can have that, too! The Playlist View also allows you to save or export the current playlist.

Listes de lecture dynamiques

Amarok allows you to create weighted random playlists that adhere to various criteria exactly (Proportional bias) or approximately (Fuzzy bias). For example, you can create a playlist that will be randomly populated by songs that are rated more than 3 stars and are approximately from around the year 1967!

Replay Gain Support

Amarok supports Replay Gain tag information embedded in files and automatically adjusts the overall volume of the song to a common level.

Rediscover your music!

Hints, Tips and FAQs

If you find that most of your music is recognized by Amarok, but some folders are not properly picked up, open a console and type

touch folder

where folder is the path to the folder that has the problem. Then select Settings -> Configure Amarok in Amarok main window menu, and open Collection -> Rescan Collection page. Your folder should be visible again now.

Warning: this will not work on Windows, as the touch command is specific to Linux and BSD-like systems.


More Information

Dialog-information.pngL'assistance pour cette application peut être consultée à partir de la page d'accueil du projet.

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