An introduction to KDE

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Welcome to the KDE community and to the UserBase wiki. Whether you are completely new to KDE software, a previous user or a current fan, these pages will help you learn more about both the KDE community and its software, as well as assist you in getting started. But first, something to whet your appetite!

Here's an example of a KDE desktop. Please take note that it may look differently depending on your version of the software, and distribution. As an example, here is a screenshot of a Plasma Desktop and the latest version of KDE Frameworks 5:

You can see more screenshots of current and previous releases in the Screenshots page.

Let's Go!

Now that we've got your attention, it's time to get to know KDE, up close and personal.

  • What is KDE? - Get to know what KDE is (and some other interesting things)
  • Quick Start - Whether you are just beginning to find your way around, or ready to contribute, this is your springboard
  • Glossary - Let's talk the KDE talk
  • Live CDs - Try out KDE software, without installing!
  • All about Plasma - Tame that funky, shiny new beast on your desktop
  • Getting Help - How and where to find help
  • KDE System Administration - Understand how things work inside the Plasma system.