An introduction to KDE

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So you are new to KDE or just want to see if there are some tricks you could use? Here is your introduction.

When you first start KDE, it can look differently depending on your KDE version, and distribution type. As an example, here is a screenshot from a SUSE Linux 11 installation using KDE: File:Kdestart.png

How to get help

Join the irc channel #kde in freenode.

How to open a console

Typically when reporting a problem in IRC, your helpers will ask you to open a console. A console is a text-based window that you can use to give commands for your computer to execute. You can open a console by typing ALT_F2. An input box opens. Type


And a console will open. If this does not work, you may not have it installed. In this case, type ALT_F2 and call


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