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<span id="Note">''Note: Support for this application is found in the application's website.''
<span id="Note">''Note: Support for this application is found in the application's website.''</span>

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Internet, Networking, & Communication

KDE makes the exchange of information between computers easy by providing a wide variety of applications for the Internet, networking, and communication. Browse web sites, communicate with others, control another computer, access remote files as if they were in your own hard drive, and more! KDE connects you to the world.

The Applications

Konqueror is a file manager, web browser, universial file viewer, and more!
Kopete is an Instant Messaging client that supports Jabber, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and and other protocols.
Konversation is a no-nonsense, dedicated IRC client.
KGet is a download manager and simple bittorrent client.
KTorrent is a fully-featured bittorrent client with plugin extensions.
KMail is a POP3 and IMAP mail client, capable of GpG signing and encryption.
Akregator is a feed reader, supporting RSS and Atom
KNode is an integrated news-reader, allowing signing of messages.
KNewsTicker is a plasmoid that can scroll news feeds on your desktop.
KRDC is the KDE Remote Desktop Connection client, allowing you to view and even control another machine running a compatible server, such as Krfb.
Krfb is the KDE Desktop Sharing server, allowing you to share your session with others who can connect using a VNC client like KRDC.
Kwlan is a manager for wireless networks.
KPPP is a KDE dialer for PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol).
KNetworkManager is a KDE GUI for NetworkManager and supports both wired and wireless devices.
KFTPgrabber is a graphical FTP client for KDE, supporting SSL encryption and multiple FTP sessions.
KMLDonkey is a KDE GUI for the MLDonkey P2P file sharing tool.
Kdebluetooth is a set of tools providing easy access to the most common Bluetooth activities.
KVpnc is a KDE GUI for various Virtual Private Network (VPN) clients. Note

Related Applications

There are other network-related programs that work under the hood to give you a seamless networking experience

  • KIO lets you to access any file like they were on your own computer
  • Decibel manages all your communication systems, such as Instant Messaging and E-mail, in a unified system.

Note: Support for this application is found in the application's website.

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