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Audio Players

Amarok icon.png Amarok
All you need to manage your music collection and covers
Juk.png Juk
A somewhat simpler but still powerful music manager
Hi128-app-kscd.png KsCD
Simply a music player, with all the controls that you would find on a hardware player

Video Players

Dragonplayer.png Dragon Player
A simple video player, which can resume where you stopped watching
White64.png KPlayer
A player to handle files, DVDs, video CDs, audio CDs, and TV and DVB cards
Kmplayer.png KMPlayer
A video-playing plugin for your browser
Kaffeine.png Kaffeine
A player that supports audio and video CD and DVD, digital broadcasting and audio CD encoding


K3b.png K3b
Burn CDs, DVDs, and ISO images, to all formats of disk
White64.png KMid
A midi player, with playlists. Supports karaoke!
Kmix.png KMix
Adjust every channel on your soundcard

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