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|[[Image:Trans.png|48px|link=Special:myLanguage/KMediaFactory]]||A template based DVD authoring tool.
|[[Image:Kmediafactory.png|48px|link=Special:myLanguage/KMediaFactory]]||A template based DVD authoring tool.

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Multimedia, geluid en video


KDE brings entertainment to your desktop with a selection of multimedia applications, ranging from simple players to powerful media managers. Listen to music or watch your videos. Rip your music CDs or burn your files onto DVDs. All from the convenience of your desktop. Liven up your experience with KDE.

Audio Players


Amarok icon.png All you need to play your music and manage your music collection and covers. Offers lots of advanced features and extensions through scripts.


Juk.png A somewhat simpler but still powerful music player and manager


Hi128-app-kscd.png Simply a music CD player, with all the controls that you would find on a hardware player.



Bangarang.png A media player which integrates KDE technologies like Nepomuk and Phonon to provide a streamlined multimedia experience for your music, movies, TV shows, audio and video feeds and more.

Dragon Player

Dragonplayer.png A simple video player, which can resume where you stopped watching


Hi64-app-kplayer.png A KDE GUI for MPlayer. It can handle files, DVDs, video CDs, audio CDs, and TV and DVB cards.


Kmplayer.png A video player plugin for your web browser. It can also be used as a standalone player.


Kaffeine.png A player that supports audio and video CD and DVD, digital broadcasting and audio CD encoding


SMPlayer.png A GUI frontend for MPlayer, with optional KDE support. It can handle files, DVDs, video CDs, audio CDs, and TV and DVB cards.

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K3b.png Burn CDs, DVDs, and ISO images, to all formats of disk.


K9copy-icon.png A DVD backup and DVD authoring program.


Kid3.png An MP3, Ogg/Vorbis and FLAC tag editor.


Kmediafactory.png A template based DVD authoring tool.


Hi48-app-kmid2.png A MIDI player, coming in KDE 4.4. Read our status report


Kmix.png Adjust every channel on your sound card.


Kdenlive.png Kdenlive is a non linear video editor for the KDE environment running on Linux.

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Phonon-logo.png Phonon is the multimedia framework in KDE 4.


Audex.png A simple and intuitive CD ripper to work with the codecs you have available.

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