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System Administration

KDE lets you be the master of your own computer. Control how your desktop behaves instead of running around after its every whim. Monitor your system for problems. Setup your desktop just the way you like it. Enjoy the power of KDE.

System Monitors

Utilities-log-viewer.png KSystemLog
A system log viewer for KDE.
Hwinfo.png KInfoCenter
Has all the information about your hardware, with searchable facilities.
Utilities-system-monitor.png KSysGuard
A highly configurable tabbed system monitor application.

System Configuration

Kpackage.png KPackage
A package manager for installing or removing applications. It currently uses the Smart Package Manager system.
Ksysv.png KSysV
A tool for editing your SysV-style init configuration using drag and drop.
System-users.png KUser
User and group account manager.
Printer.png Printer Config
A KDE GUI for the system-config-printer application.
Preferences-system.png KCron
An application for scheduling programs to run in the background using cron.
Kiosktool.png Kiosktool
A tool for managing system-wide KDE restrictions and default settings.
System Settings
The new control center for KDE
Guidance Power Manager
Guidance Power Manager
A KDE power manager, supporting screen brightness, laptop lid closing actions, and more.

System Tools

Kdat.png KDat
A tape archiving tool using the tar format.
Utilities-terminal.png Konsole
A tabbed terminal emulator allowing the use of several shells or profiles.
Yakuake.png Yakuake
A drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology.
An easy to use file manager.
A file manager, web browser, universial file viewer, and more!
An advanced text editor with many features including syntax highlighting .
A simple text editor.

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