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Katalog aplikacji KDE

Społeczność KDE dostarcza ponad sto aplikacji spełniających prawe wszystkie potrzeby i zainteresowania. Istnieją aplikacje do przeglądania i edycji ilustracji, jak również organizowanie kolekcji zdjęć. Istnieją programy do odtwarzania wideo i zarządzania kolekcją muzyki. Istnieją również programy edukacyjne dla uczniów i nauczycieli, oraz gry zapewniające rozrywkę na godziny. Środowisko KDE posiada również własny zestaw aplikacji biurowych.

A jeśli to nie wystarczy, są setki aplikacji, które są dostępne pod adresem KDE-Apps.org, gotowych do przetestowania i wykorzystania.

Ta strona zawiera przegląd różnych rodzajów aplikacji, które oferuje KDE, pogrupowane według funkcji lub użytkowania. Jeśli chcesz zobaczyć pełną listę tych aplikacji przejdź do Full List. Sprawdź również table of equivalent applications.

The Desktop


These applications provide the core functionality of a basic Desktop, giving you the power to manage and customize your desktop to your liking. These are probably the most common programs you'll be using for day-to-day tasks.

Internet & Networking


No computer is an island these days. KDE presents some apps that let you receive and send data to other computers, whether it be on the Internet or on a local network, giving you access to the world.

Graphics & Imaging


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then hundreds of images would say millions. KDE provides programs that let you view and manage your images and photos, view different kinds of documents, as well as to create your own images.



Transform your desktop into a mini-media center. Play your music, watch your videos, manage your collections, or back them up on CDs and DVDs. Liven up your experience with KDE's multimedia selection.

Office & Productivity


Get organized with KDE software! With a standards-compliant office, productivity and groupware applications, as well as other useful tools, KDE software helps you take control not only of your computer, but your life and work as well.



KDE software isn't only for the big guys and gals. Whether it be in between atoms, or across the globe, or even beyond the stars, our software helps strive for a brighter future with a whole bunch of educational applications for kids and students, as well as aids for teachers and parents.

System Administration


Be the king or queen of your own castle as KDE gives you the tools to be the master of your own computer. From system monitors to consoles to system settings, KDE lets you take control.

Utilities & Tools


KDE provides dozens of tools that add value to your desktop. They may not be big or sophisticated, but these utilities are a class of their own, providing convenience and power to your everyday computing.

Games & Toys


All work and no play makes for a stressful life. That's why KDE provides a variety of games to keep you entertained and even occupied for hours. Pick a card, avoid bouncing balls, or even conquer the world, all from the convenience of your computer. Be careful though, you might become addicted.

Development & Programming


A Free Software project such as the KDE Software Compilation wouldn't be complete without tools to create software. The rich software ecosystem includes applications to make programmer's lives a lot easier, from simple file comparison tools to a full-blown Integrated Development Environment.



The KDE community cares for its users, whatever age, gender, race, or physical condition. It provides tools, both built-in utilities and standalone applications that enable people with physical handicaps to still be able to use their computers easily and efficiently.

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