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የመተግበሪያው ስም ወይንም አካባቢው ከተቀየረ ፡ እባክዎን እዚህ ያሳውቁ

  • KControl - is replaced by System Settings
  • Kcron - in SC 4.4 is now found in SystemSettings -> Advanced -> Task Scheduler. SC 4.5 has it in SystemSettings -> System Administration section -> Task Scheduler. It looks rather different, but the Modify screen will look familiar.
  • KSnapshot - the name hasn't changed, but some distros now disable the use of the PrtSc key to launch it. However, it can be configured in SystemSettings. This YouTube video shows you how to do it.

ምድብ : መገልገያዎች ምድብ : ዴስክቶፕ ምድብ : በመጀመር ላይ

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