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== [[Artikulate/Beginning|Beginning with Artikulate]] ==
== [[Artikulate/Beginning|Beginning with Artikulate]] ==
== [[Artikulate/ScenarioTrainingUnits|Scenario Training Units]] ==
== [[Artikulate/TrainingScreen|The Training Screen]] ==
== [[Artikulate/PhonemeTrainingUnits|Phoneme Training Units]] ==
== [[Artikulate/Proceeding|Proceeding with the Training]] ==
== [[Artikulate/Proceeding|Proceeding with the Training]] ==

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Artikulate is a pronunciation trainer that aims at improving and perfecting the pronunciation skills of the user. It is currently in the KDE Edu Playground and is awaiting its release this fall.

Artikulate is part of the KDE Education Project.


Beginning with Artikulate

The Training Screen

Proceeding with the Training

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