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== Table of contents ==
== Table of contents ==
# [[Artikulate/Introduction|Introduction]]
# [[Special:myLanguage/Artikulate/Introduction|Introduction]]
# [[Artikulate/Beginning|Beginning with Artikulate]]  
# [[Special:myLanguage/Artikulate/Beginning|Beginning with Artikulate]]  
# [[Artikulate/TrainingScreen|The Training Screen]]  
# [[Special:myLanguage/Artikulate/TrainingScreen|The Training Screen]]  

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Artikulate is a pronunciation trainer that aims at improving and perfecting the pronunciation skills of the user. It is currently in the KDE Edu Playground and is awaiting its release this fall.

O Artikulate integra o Projeto KDE Educacional.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Beginning with Artikulate
  3. The Training Screen

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