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Basket.png BasKet is a note taking application for KDE that allows you to quickly and easily organize information. It is great for making todo lists, menus, schedules, and other lists.


Unlike many note-taking applications, BasKet allows the user to organize notes into a hierarchy of baskets. Notes in a basket can be grouped together for easier manipulation and can themselves contain embedded media (movies, pictures, even sound clips) as well as plain text, links, and rich text.

BasKet can import notes from a variety of other applications, including KNotes, TomBoy, StickyNotes, KJots, and TuxCards.

Notes can be tagged as important, completed, in progress, or can be given many other designations. Using tags, it is very easy to check off and uncheck items on a list. BasKet also enables the creation of custom user-defined tags.

Some other features of BasKet include:

  • password and public-key protection of baskets
  • integration into Kontact and the system tray
  • and the ability to export your notes to an HTML web page.

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