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Please use only the categories defined in this table. If your language translations of the term are not defined, please add suitable definitions now, so that others can follow them.

To avoid edit conflicts, please also use {{Being_Edited}} (then save before continuing) while you work, and remove it when you have finished.

Category Translations, 日本語, Georgean, 한국어
English 日本語 Georgian 한국어
Accessibility アクセシビリティ/ja
Admin 管理/ja
Advanced Users 上級ユーザー向け/ja
Applications アプリケーション/ja
Configuration 設定/ja
Contributing コントリビューション/ja
Desktop デスクトップ/ja
Development 開発/ja
Education 教育/ja
File Management ファイル管理/ja
Games ゲーム/ja
Getting Started はじめに/ja
Graphics 画像処理/ja
Hidden Categories

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