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|  ||Sjabloon/nl || Mal/no  
|  ||Sjabloon/nl || Mal/no  
|  || ||

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Please use only the categories defined in this table. If your language translations of the term are not defined, please add suitable definitions now, so that others can follow them.

To avoid edit conflicts, please also use {{Being_Edited}} (then save before continuing) while you work, and remove it when you have finished.

Category Translations, Luxembourgish, Dutch, Norwegian
English Luxembourgish Nederlands Norwegian
Accessibility Toegankelijkheid/nl Tilgjengelighet/no
Admin Beheer/nl Admin/no
Advanced Users Gevorderden/nl Avanserte Brukere/no
Applications Toepassingen/nl Applikasjoner/no
Configuration Configuratie/nl
Contributing Bijdrage/nl
Desktop Bureaublad/nl Skrivebord/no
Development Ontwikkeling/nl Utvikling/no
Education Educatie/nl Utdanning/no
File Management Bestandsbeheer/nl Filhåndtering/no
Games Spelletjes/nl Spill/no
Getting Started Aan de slag/nl
Graphics Grafisch/nl Grafikk/no
Hidden Categories Verborgen categorieën/nl Skjulte Kategorier/no
Home and Hobby Huis en hobby/nl Hjem og Hobby/no
Internet Internet/nl Internett/no
KDE3 KDE3/nl
KDE on Windows
Multimedia Multimedia/nl Multimedia/no
New Users
Office Kantoor/nl Kontor/no
Plasma Plasma/nl Plasma/no
Security Beveiliging/nl Sikkerhet/no
System Systeem/nl System/no
Template Sjabloon/nl Mal/no
Tutorials Handleidingen/nl Veivisere/no
Utilities Hulpmiddelen/nl Verktøy/no
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