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Please use only the categories defined in this table. If your language translations of the term are not defined, please add suitable definitions now, so that others can follow them.

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Category Translations, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese
English Polski Brazilian
Accessibility Dostępność/pl Acessibilidade/pt-br
Admin Administrator/pl Administração/pt-br
Advanced Users Użytkownicy Zaawansowani/pl Usuários Avançados/pt-br
Applications Aplikacje/pl Aplicativos/pt-br
Contributing Wspieranie/pl Contribuindo/pt-br Contribuir/pt
Desktop Pulpit/pl Área de trabalho/pt-br
Development Rozwój/pl Desenvolvimento/pt-br
Education Edukacja/pl Educação/pt-br
File Management Zarządzanie plikami/pl Gestão de Arquivos/pt-br
Games Gry/pl Jogos/pt-br
Getting Started Początki/pl Primeiros passos/pt-br Primeiros passos/pt
Graphics Grafika/pl Gráficos/pt-br
Hidden Categories Kategorie ukryte/pl Categorias Ocultas/pt-br
Home and Hobby Dom i hobby/pl Diversão/pt-br
Internet Internet/pl Internet/pt-br
KDE3 KDE3/pl KDE3/pt-br
KDE on Windows
Multimedia Multimedia/pl Multimídia/pt-br
New Users
Office Biuro/pl Escritório/pt-br
Plasma Plasma/pl Plasma/pt-br
Security Bezpieczeństwo/pl Segurança/pt-br
System System/pl Sistema/pt-br
Template Szablon/pl Modelos/pt-br
Tutorials Samouczki/pl Tutoriais/pt-br
Utilities Narzędzia/pl Utilidades/pt-br
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