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ChoqoK is een microbloggingapplicatie van KDE, met ondersteuning voor Twitter en

ChoqoK is a small but powerful microblogging application from KDE. It provides integration with Twitter and, support for twitpic URLs and URL shorteners and shows unread updates as well as providing the ability to send notifications to a single or all microblogging accounts.

Feature highlights

  • Support for Twitter and Useful for a single Twitter account, or for multiple Twitter and accounts.
  • View multiple types of update. View your friends statuses, @-replies and inbox/outbox messages.
  • Search for updates for various criteria. Search for updates from a user, mentioning a user, including a hash-tag or mentioning an group. Click on usernames, @-replies, hash-tags and groups in the time-line to open it in a separate search window.
  • Reply, favourite or re-tweet from the time-line. Buttons on the contact's picture allow you to instantly reply to a tweet/dent, favourite a tweet/dent or re-tweet/re-dent straight from the time-line.

Learn more about how to use it, by reading official manual or this tutorial.

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