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==Digikam Tutorials== <!--T:1-->
{{Note|1=[[User:Dmitri Popov|Dmitri Popov]] and [http://www.mohamedmalik.com/?cat=144 Mohamed Malik] are actively releasing tutorials, so this list is likely to be extended regularly.}}
[[User:Dmitri Popov|Dmitri Popov]] writes blogs about using Digikam, and has given us permission to reproduce them.  Please remember that the images used are still copyright.  Currently we have:
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Windows|Install digiKam on Windows]] explaining the use of the Windows installer and providing a link to a tutorial for those who prefer to compile the latest version.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Exposure Blending|Exposure Blending]] deals with those difficult, high contrast photographs.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Lens Distortion|Lens Distortion]] helps you correct those inevitable distortions.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Local Contrast|The Local Contrast Tool]] deals with photographs where specific areas are under- or over-exposed.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Renaming Photos|Batch Renaming of Photos]] suggests ways to automate naming your photos that improve cataloging them.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Watermark|Watermark Photos]] tells how to use batch processing to add watermarks to your images.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Levels_Adjust|The Levels Adjustment Tool]] adjusts brightness and contrast. 
* [[Special:myLanguage/Raw_to_DNG|Convert RAW Files to DNG with DNGConverter]] will be of interest to users of high-end cameras.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Black and White|Convert Photos to Black and White with digiKam]] shows you the tools for quick results.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/LightTable|Sieve through Photos with digiKam’s Light Table Tool]] is perfect for comparing a series of photographs to find the best one for your purpose.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Geotagging|Geotag Photos with Open GPS Tracker and digiKam]] tells how to get GPS data into your images' metadata.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Geotagging_in_digiKam_2.0|Geotagging in digiKam 2.0]] - the new interface, with Reverse Geotagging.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Metadata|Work with Photo Metadata in digiKam]] tells you how to view and edit the metadata stored with your images.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Batch_Process|Batch Process Photos in digiKam]] improves your Batch Processing skills, including using the Batch Queue Manager.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Manage_Photos_from_Multiple_digiKam_Installations|Manage Photos from Multiple digiKam Installations]] - if you have photos on more than one computer, this is for you.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Using_digiKam_with_MySQL|Using digiKam with MySQL]] - how to migrate your data to MySQL so that you can use a server for your photos.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Color Labels and Picks|New Features in digiKam 2: Color Labels and Picks]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Versioning|Versioning in digiKam 2]] - save modified versions of an image while keeping the original untouched.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Face_Recognition|Face Recognition in digiKam 2]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Process_RAW_Files|Process Raw Files in digiKam]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Assign_Keyboard_Shortcuts_to_Tags_in_digiKam|Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to Tags in digiKam]]
Mohamed Malik also blogs about Digikam.  Here are some of them:
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Optimise|Optimise digiKam’s Performance..]]and increase productivity
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/AddTextures|Adding Textures To Your Images Using digiKam]]  Some images look a little flat and benefit from the addition of a texture.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/AspectRatios|Generating aspect ratio crops in digiKam]] for use with particular monitor size or shape.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/ChangeFormat|Batch Convert Your RAW Files Using digiKam….]] shows how to convert RAW files to other formats, using the wizard.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Compress|Re-compress Images Using digiKam]] discusses the level of compression used in .jpg images.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Effects|Applying Image Effects Using digiKam]] - make your images look like paintings!
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Calendars|Creating Calendars Using digiKam]]- make a personalised calendar
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/RedEye|Remove Red Eyes From Your Pictures Using digiKam]] helps you get rid of that demonic look!
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Straighten|Straighten Your Pictures Using digiKam]] brings those horizons back into line.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Picasa|How to export and import pictures to Picasa web using digiKam]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Thumbnails|How to enable fast thumbnail loading in digiKam]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Face_Detection|Face Detection In digiKam]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Noise_Reduction|Reducing Noise Using digiKam]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Facebook|How to download Facebook albums by using digiKam]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Duplicates|How to find duplicate images on digiKam!]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/MetadataToRaw|Writing Meta Data To Raw Files In digiKam]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Adding_Borders_To_Your_Photos|Adding Borders To Your Photos]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Performing_Fuzzy_Searches_In_digiKam|Performing Fuzzy Searches In digiKam]] - lost a picture because you can't remember its name or where you filed it?  You need a fuzzy search.
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Using_the_Advanced_Search_Tool_In_digiKam|Using the Advanced Search Tool In digiKam]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Using_XMP_Sidecar_support_in_digiKam_2|Using XMP Sidecar support in digiKam 2 beta 3]] - Write metadata into a linked file
* [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam/Lens_Correction_Using_digiKam|Lens Corrections Using digiKam]] - No lens is perfect.
A collection PDF of Mohamed Malik's Digikam tutorials is available [http://www.scribd.com/doc/49284203/Digikam from this site].
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==Digikam Tutorials== <!--T:9-->  
==Digikam Tutorials== <!--T:9-->  

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Digikam Tutorials

Dmitri Popov and Mohamed Malik writes blogs about using Digikam, and has given us permission to reproduce them. Please remember that the images used are still copyright. This list is likely to be extended regularly.

Basic Features

Improving Photos

Advanced Image Editing

New features in 2.0

Searching and Sorting

Advanced Features

Working with cameras and RAW files

A collection of PDF's of Mohamed Malik's Digikam tutorials is available from this site.

Dmitri Popov's eBook "digiKam Tricks" is available from his web site

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