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Conversione in serie dei tuoi file RAW utilizzando Digikam

Trascritto dal blog di Mohamed Malik, 21 febbraio 2011

Do you have a lot of RAW files that need to be converted?

If you do Digikam has got you covered and this saves a lot of time. As for me I don’t have time to process each and every image separately. Here is how to convert them seamlessly and easily.

Select the RAW files and go to Tools -> Batch RAW Converter and the this wizard will pop-up..

Digikam Screenshot-12.jpg

The wizard allows you to choose from the following settings..

— 8 bits or 16bits
– White balance
– Exposure correction, brightness
– Noise reduction, chromatic abberation correction
– Colour management
– Various output file formats such has PNG, JPEG, TIFF & PPM

Remember you can alter each and every one of those settings.. when you are done applying your personal touches to the images just click convert on the menu and digiKam will do the rest.

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