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* [http://docs.kde.org/?language=en&application=juk The JuK Handbook]
* [http://docs.kde.org/?language=en&application=juk The JuK Handbook]

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Juk est un jukebox audio.

Fenêtre principale de Juk


JuK is part of the KDE Multimedia package. Features include

  • Collection list and multiple user defined playlists
  • Ability to scan directories to automatically import playlists and music files on start up
  • Dynamic Search Playlists that are automatically updated as fields in the collection change.
  • A Tree View mode where playlists are automatically generated for sets of albums, artists and genres.
  • Playlist history to indicate which files have been played and when.
  • Inline search for filtering the list of visible items.
  • The ability to guess tag information from the file name or using MusicBrainz online lookup.
  • File renamer that can rename files based on the tag content.
  • ID3v1, ID3v2 and Ogg Vorbis tag reading and editing support (via TagLib).


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