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    KDevelop Editor view
    An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for MS Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

    History (inspired by Wikipedia)

    The KDevelop project started in 1998 at the University of Potsdam (Germany). The first released 0.1 was released the same year[1].

    KDevelop has experienced several rewrites. The first time was with version 3.x by Bernd Gehrmann in 2001[2] and the second time was with version 4.x with a more object-oriented architecture in 2009[3].

    The development of KDevelop 5 started in August 2014 as a port of the KDevelop 4 codebase for qt5 and kf5[4]. The custom c++ parser was abandoned in favor of clang and the CMake interpreter was also replaced in favor of using the JSON metadata given by CMake. KDevelop 5 was released in August 2016[5].


    • Support C, C#, C++, CUDO, OpenCL, Qt QML, Javascript, Python and PHP
    • Support multiple version control systems Git, Bazaar, Subversion, CVS, Mercurial (hg), Perforce
    • Support multiple build system CMake, QMake, Makefile, Meson[7], ...
    • Quick Code Navigation (Jump to declaration/definition)
    • Code comprehension (Syntax highlighting, semantic code completion)
    • Documentation integration


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