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Створення проектів

To start developing with KDevelop, you need to first create a project. To do this, simply go to Project menu and click on New Project.

Now a dialog appears asking you what kind of project do you want to create. According to what app you want to develop (e.g. Qt GUI application, pyQt4, KDE application, etc.) select the appropriate option. For example, if you want to create a pyQt4 app, you would unfold pyQt4 and select pyQt4 GUI Application.

Next, you have to enter the application's name in the Application's name field. Afterwards, you have to also set a location for the app where the sources will be stored.

Now you can click Next.

The next page asks you what kind of Version Control System do you want to use. Choose the one you like (and I just remembered I wanted to start learning Git).

Browsing through created template files

To browse what files have been automatically created when you created a template project, click on Projects tab on the left-most side.

Now you will see a list of project files.


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