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{|class="tablecenter vertical-centered"
{|class="tablecenter vertical-centered"
|[[Image:Kftpgrabber1.png|thumb|265px|Multiple transfers]]||&nbsp;||<translate> <!--T:1-->
|[[Image:Kftpgrabber1.png|thumb|265px|<translate>Multiple transfers</translate>]]||&nbsp;||<translate> <!--T:1-->
'''Powerful graphical FTP client'''</translate>
'''Powerful graphical FTP client'''</translate>

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Multiple transfers
  Powerful graphical FTP client



  • Multiple simultaneous FTP sessions in separate tabs
  • A tree-oriented transfer queue
  • Site bookmarks with many options configurable per-site
  • Bookmark import plugins from other FTP clients
  • Ability to limit upload and download speed
  • Direct viewing/editing of remote files
  • One-time password (OTP) support using S/KEY, MD5, RMD160 or SHA1
  • Traffic graph available

and much more.

The Bookmark Editor

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