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|[[Image:Kgpg-keymgr.png|250px]]|| ||'''Kgpg provides a graphical interface to gpg's commands'''
|[[Image:Kgpg-keymgr.png|250px]]|| ||'''Kgpg provides a graphical interface to gpg's commands'''

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Kgpg-keymgr.png   Kgpg provides a graphical interface to gpg's commands

GPG encrypts and decrypts your mail and selected files. There are many command-line options to achieve this. With Kgpg the anxiety is removed - you don't have to remember any commands. Kgpg can help you set up and manage your keys, import and export keys, view key signatories, trust status and expiry dates. In fact just about everything you need to do is covered by Kgpg. A wizard is provided to help you set up your keys.

Kgpg is integrated into Konqueror and Dolphin, where a context menu allows you to choose to encrypt a file, with or without signing. You can also encrypt by dragging a file onto the tray/panel icon.

Viewing a key's properties
Right-click on a key to see the options

A full illustrated manual helps you through every detail.

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