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KIPI (KDE Image Plugin Interface) is a common plugin structure used by KDE applications, including [[Special:myLanguage/Digikam|Digikam]], [[Special:myLanguage/KPhotoAlbum|KPhotoAlbum]], and [[Special:myLanguage/Gwenview|Gwenview]].
KIPI (KDE Image Plugin Interface) 是KDE程序使用的通用插件架构,[[Special:myLanguage/Digikam|Digikam]][[Special:myLanguage/KPhotoAlbum|KPhotoAlbum]][[Special:myLanguage/Gwenview|Gwenview]]都使用了它。
== Features ==
== Features ==

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KDE 图像插件接口(Image Plugin Interface) - 一个KDE应用程序使用的通用插件架构

KIPI (KDE Image Plugin Interface) 是KDE程序使用的通用插件架构,DigikamKPhotoAlbumGwenview都使用了它。


  • Allows easily adding functionality without modifying a host application's code.
  • May add extra menus and shortcuts to host applications.
  • Can manipulate images in many ways.
  • Can send images to contacts, or upload to image galleries and social networking sites.

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