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All the tools you need to create a custom icon

KIconEdit is an application with just one purpose - to create custom icons.


  • Rectangle, circle and elipse tools, outline and filled
  • Rectangular and circular selection
  • Line and Freehand drawing
  • Colour picker, flood fill and eraser.
  • Can create template size or custom size icons
  • Reads and saves a wide range of bitmap formats
  • Rapid conversion to greyscale
  • Resize of icon is possible
  • Undo and redo on many functions.

Get it

You should first try [by means of your distribution]. If your distribution does not contain KIconEdit, here is how you can install it. This description is based on SUSE Linux 11.4:

yast -i libkde4-devel cmake subversion make gcc-c++
  • get the source code
svn co svn://
  • compile it
cd graphics
cmake . && make -j8 && make install
  • as a test, start it

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