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The KNowIt application is used for simple note taking tasks. It was available during the KDE3 releases as a third party application, but is no longer maintained or supported. KDE has a simple note taking tool in the official modules, and starting with KDE4.2, KJots has the ability to import your old KNowIt notes.

This feature is available for KDE4.2 beta 1 and later releases

The screenshots below show how to import KNowIt notes into KJots. The import has the following features:

  • KNowIt notes are imported as KJots pages.
  • KNowIt notes which have child notes are imported as KJots books.
  • If a KNowIt note has child notes, the content of that note is imported as an additional page in KJots.
  • Links created in KNowIt notes appear as a list in a KJots page. These links may be edited in KJots.

Select 'Import...' from the File menu


Select the KNowIt file type


Select your KnowIt file, and click open




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