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KMail has been developed by the following people:

Development Team

  • Thomas McGuire (mcguire at kde org)
  • Stefan Taferner (taferner at kde org)
  • Don Sanders (sanders at kde org)
  • Michael Häckel (haeckel at kde org)
  • Ingo Klöcker (kloecker at kde org)
  • Till Adam (till at adam-lilienthal de)
  • Carsten Burghardt (burghardt at kde org)
  • Marc Mutz (mutz at kde org)
  • Zack Rusin (zack at kde org)
  • Toyohiro Asukai (toyohiro at ksmplus com)
  • Waldo Bastian (bastian at kde org)
  • Ryan Breen (ryan at ryanbreen com)
  • Steven Brown (swbrown at ucsd edu)
  • Matthias Kalle Dalheimer (kalle at kde org)
  • Cristi Dumitrescu (cristid at chip ro)
  • David Faure (faure at kde org)
  • Philippe Fremy (pfremy at chez com)
  • Kurt Granroth (granroth at kde org)
  • Andreas Gungl (a gungl at gmx de)
  • Steffen Hansen (hansen at kde org)
  • Igor Janssen (rm at linux ru net)
  • Matt Johnston (matt at caifex org)
  • Christer Kaivo-oja (whizkid at telia com)
  • Lars Knoll (knoll at kde org)
  • J. Nick Koston (bdraco at darkorb net)
  • Stephan Kulow (coolo at kde org)
  • Guillaume Laurent (glaurent at telegraph-road org)
  • Sam Magnuson (sam at trolltech com)
  • Laurent Montel (lmontel at mandrakesoft com)
  • Matt Newell (newellm at proaxis com)
  • Denis Perchine (dyp at perchine com)
  • Samuel Penn (sam at bifrost demon co uk)
  • Carsten Pfeiffer (pfeiffer at kde org)
  • Sven Radej (radej at kde org)
  • Mark Roberts (mark at taurine demon co uk)
  • Wolfgang Rohdewald (wolfgang at rohdewald de)
  • Espen Sand (espen at kde org)
  • Aaron J. Seigo (aseigo at olympusproject org)
  • George Staikos (staikos at kde org)
  • Jason Stephenson (panda at mis net)
  • Jacek Stolarczyk (jacek at mer chemia polsl gliwice pl)
  • Roberto S. Teixeira (maragato at kde org)
  • Bo Thorsen (bo at sonofthor dk)
  • Ronen Tzur (rtzur at shani net)
  • Mario Weilguni (mweilguni at sime com)
  • Wynn Wilkes (wynnw at calderasystems com)
  • Robert D. Williams (rwilliams at kde org)
  • Markus Wübben (markus wuebben at kde org)
  • Karl-Heinz Zimmer (khz at kde org)
  • Torgny Nyblom (nyblom at kde org)
  • Development discussion takes place on the KDE PIM developer's mailing list.


  • Heiko Hund (heiko at ist eigentlich net)
  • Bernhard Reiter (bernhard at intevation de)
  • Jan Simonson (jan at simonson pp se)
  • Patrick S. Vogt (patrick vogt at unibas ch)
  • Jan-Oliver Wagner (jan at intevation de)
  • Wolfgang Westphal (wolfgang westphal at gmx de)
  • Thorsten Zachmann (t zachmann at zagge de)

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