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Kmix mixer.png   Kontrollér alle dine lydkanaler


  • Hurtig kontrol af lydstyrke
  • Adgang til hoved-lydstyrkekanalen ved et enkelt klik
  • Fuld kontrol over alle tilgængelige kanaler

Skridt for skridt

  • Al tilgang er gennem ikonet i systembakken Audio-volume-high.png. Hold markøren svævende over ikonet for at se den aktuelle lydstyrkeindstilling.

Kmix hover.png

  • Klik på ikonet for at få adgant til hovedkanalen, hvor du hurtigt kan ændre lydstyrken eller gøre den lydløs, hvis telefonen ringer.

Kmix click.png

  • From that same display, click the Mixer button, and you have access to all configured channels, to adjust each one to your taste. The channels you see will depend upon the capabilities of your soundcard. This image is from a laptop with Intel ICH6 sound.

Click for larger view

  • Your card may have capabilities that you can't see in that view, so while you have it open, click Settings -> Configure Channels. Now you can see all the possibilities, and choose which ones should be visible in your mixer window.

Click for enlarged view

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