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|[[Image:Knode_news.png|thumb|265px|Чтение сообщений Usenet]]|| '''KNode is your usenet mail reader.'''
|[[Image:Knode_news.png|thumb|265px|Чтение сообщений Usenet]]|| '''KNode — клиент для чтения новостей UseNet.'''

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Чтение сообщений Usenet
KNode — клиент для чтения новостей UseNet.


This straight forward, full-featured news reader is provided by KNode, the default news reader from KDE. It is equipped with all features you would expect:

  • GNKSA compliant
  • supports multiple news servers
  • signing emails and newsarticles
  • reading and composing of MIME multipart messages
  • inline display of attachments (text and images)
  • supports all international character sets
  • powerful search and filter functions
  • spell checking
  • supports full scoring
  • drag 'n' drop between groups and archive folders
and much more
A Tutorial is available, KNode for Mailing Lists

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