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Appuntamenti, eventi, incontri, ...

Il compito principale e più importante di KOrganizer è tenere traccia delle informazioni del tuo calendario personale. Gestisce tutti i tipi di eventi come gli incontri, i compleanni, le vacanze, ecc.

Korganizer events.png

Put your data into KOrganizer and use the various views to display it. There are views for day, week, work-week, month and a list view. You can edit and move around events, print them or send them per e-mail to a colleague.

You can also archive old events, merge in other calendars, search for events and more. More features for handling your events are:

  • title of event
  • location, where the event will take place
  • start- and end time of events
  • recurring events
  • reminder for your event
  • inviting other attendees
  • defining roles for attendees
  • categories for events
  • ...

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