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Kphotoalbum splash.png KPhotoAlbum és una eina que podeu utilitzar per ordenar fàcilment les vostres imatges. Proporciona moltes capacitats per ordenar i visualitzar imatges amb facilitat.

Les versions anteriors de KPhotoAlbum es van llançar sota el nom de «KimDaBa». La versió actual és KPhotoAlbum versió 4.2 (d'abril de 2012).

For an introduction, take the 3 minute KPhotoAlbum tour or see the Videos at KPhotoAlbum's Homepage. To learn more and view some screenshots read the FAQ.

KPhotoAlbum supports all the normal image formats including raw formats produced by most digital cameras and scanners (using dcraw to do the decoding). It is also possible to use the thumbnails embedded in raw images (that are usually of decent size and quality) for fast viewing so there is no need to decode the whole raw image.


There is a 3-minute Tour and a set of How-To videos on the project site. A KPhotoAlbum handbook is also available as a PDF and on-line version.

Descarregar KPhotoAlbum

Source packages, binaries for various distros, and snapshots are available from the project Download page.

KPhotoAlbum sobre sistemes Live com Knoppix

You can use an image file (or create your own) which integrates KPhotoAlbum in a Knoppix CD/DVD if KPhotoAlbum is missing there. The details can be found on the page KPhotoAlbum on Knoppix.

Estendre KPhotoAlbum

  • Image::Kimdaba is a perl module available on CPAN which parses the index.xml database.
  • Write your own extensions to KPhotoAlbum
  • Another way to extend KPhotoAlbum is to write KIPI plugins (that are used also by other KDE photo applications). These plugins provide functions like exporting images to websites like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, ... correcting exif date stamps or doing some other image manipulations. (KPhotoAlbum by itself does not touch the original files at all but preserves them intact).
  • Read Image::Kimdaba to download it and to see available scripts
  • Other useful scripts are available from Wes Hardaker's site
  • With Kimdaba2Mysql it's possible to:
    • insert your index.xml metadata into a mysql-database
    • generate a search-formular on your website with your kimdaba-keywords, example here
KPhotoAlbum 3 supports MySQL and SQLite databases for storing image data.
  • Patches and features awaiting approval or implementation - Please use for that.

With it's possible to extract information from your Photoshop Elements 3 database to create an index.xml file. There are quite a few limitations, see the above page for more details.

djKPA is a Django web site designed to be the web interface of your KPhotoAlbum photo repository. The philosophy of djKPA is be as far as possible fully automatic: labels, tags, descriptions, ... of photo come from KPhotoAlbum. Nevertheless, djKPA is a real interactive application that allows your visitors to vote, post comments, show exif, ... and visit your photos by browsing the your Tags.

Ajuda al desenvolupament de KPhotoAlbum

If you are interested in helping the KPhotoAlbum development or related projects, please look at our this project page. Or, if you have an idea for a feature, please see the Feature Requests section, below.

Construir una versió

Building a snapshot tar ball is rather straight forward. Install releaseme building tool and run a command to generate the source package.

git clone git://ó
cd nom_versió
./kphotoalbum.rb --version `date +%Y%m%d`

This requires one to have proper kphotoalbum.rb and kphotoalbumrc files available on the releaseme sources.

Errors coneguts

See the list of Bugs and workarounds in KPhotoAlbum.

Peticions de característiques

Please use marking the report as a "Wish".

Suport de vídeo

KPhotoAlbum now supports videos as of version 3. This can be a bit tricky to get working, as it requires certain features from your KDE software setup. KPhotoAlbum Video Support will tell you how to get it working.

Idees noves per a versions futures

If you have a new idea for KPhotoAlbum and think that is not the right place for it, use one of the communication channels listed on the pages.

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