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Kphotoalbum splash.png KPhotoAlbum és una eina que podeu utilitzar per ordenar fàcilment les vostres imatges. Proporciona moltes capacitats per ordenar i visualitzar imatges amb facilitat.

KPhotoAlbum main windows.png

Earlier versions of KPhotoAlbum were released under the name "KimDaBa". Stable releases are always announced on our news page.

For an introduction, take the minute KPhotoAlbum tour or see the Videos at KPhotoAlbum's Homepage. To learn more and view some screenshots read the FAQ.

KPhotoAlbum supports all the normal image formats including raw formats produced by most digital cameras and scanners (using dcraw to do the decoding). It is also possible to use the thumbnails embedded in raw images (that are usually of decent size and quality) for fast viewing so there is no need to decode the whole raw image.

Using KPhotoAlbum

There is a 3-minute Tour and a set of How-To videos on the project site. A KPhotoAlbum handbook is also available as a PDF and on-line version.

Getting KPhotoAlbum

Source packages, binaries for various distros, and snapshots are available from the project Download page.

Installation Instructions
If you need help to install KPhotoAlbum, look at this tutorial about how to install KDE software.

KPhotoAlbum on Live systems

KPhotoAlbum is available in Neon:

  • User Edition has the latest release
  • Developer Edition (stable branch) has the 5.x branch.
    Most of the time, this should be the same as unstable, but when new features are developed they only arrive in stable after the roughest edges have been smoothed out.
  • Developer Edition (unstable branch) has the master branch of kphotoalbum.

Estendre KPhotoAlbum

  • Image::Kimdaba és un mòdul perl disponible a CPAN que analitza la base de dades index.xml.
  • Una altra manera per estendre KPhotoAlbum és escriure connectors KIPI (també són utilitzats per altres aplicacions fotogràfiques del KDE). Aquests connectors proporcionen característiques com l'exportació d'imatges a llocs web com Flickr, Picasa, Facebook... corregint les marques horàries EXIF o realitzant algunes altres manipulacions de les imatges (KPhotoAlbum no toca els fitxers originals, sinó que els preserva intactes).
  • Llegiu Image::Kimdaba per descarregar-lo i veure els scripts disponibles.
  • Hi ha disponibles altres scripts des del lloc web de Hardaker.
  • Amb Kimdaba2Mysql es pot:
    • inserir les vostres metadades index.xml en una base de dades mysql
    • generar un formulari de cerca sobre el vostre lloc web amb les vostres paraules clau de kimdaba, per exemple here
  • Per a pedaços i característiques en espera d'aprovació o implementacions: Si us plau, utilitzeu

Help develop KPhotoAlbum

If you are interested in helping the KPhotoAlbum development or related projects, please look at this project page. Or, if you have an idea for a feature, please see the Feature Requests section, below.

Known Bugs and feature requests

Podeu veure la llista d'errors coneguts i solucions a KPhotoAlbum.

Please use marking the report as a "Wish".

New Ideas for Future Versions

If you have a new idea for KPhotoAlbum and think that is not the right place for it, use one of the communication channels listed on the pages.

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.