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KPilot Main Window
KPilot synchronises data between your PC and many types of handheld devices


KPilot is a replacement for the Palm Desktop software from PalmSource Inc., which makes your PalmOS powered handheld (e.g., a Palm Zire 31) capable of exchanging information with your KDE powered computer. KPilot doesn't replace the Palm Desktop all by itself. It connects and integrates a number of fine KDE 3.x applications such as Kontact into a package that can do everything the Palm Desktop can, and more.

FAQs, Hints and Tips

General advice and information can be found on the project home pages. While there is no guarantee that KPilot will work with any particular handheld, there is a list of models reported as working.

The project's FAQ page gives information about Device Connection issues and HotSync issues. It also answers a number of technical questions.

Online version of up-to-date KPilot User's Guide can be found here.

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