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=== Descrição ===
=== Descrição ===
'''KRename''' is a tool to rename files easily.
'''KRename''' é uma ferramenta para renomear arquivos facilmente.
=== Features ===
=== Features ===

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  Um utilitário para renomear múltiplos arquivos.



KRename é uma ferramenta para renomear arquivos facilmente.


  • Rename large numbers of files
  • Rename files, by simply adding a sequence of numbers or changing case
  • Plugins can be used to rename files using metadata from images, movies, music and more


  • Starting in the Files tab, Add the files to be renamed.


    • If a file is not wanted, click Remove
    • Click Remove All to start over
  • In the Destination tab, choose the action to be performed on the files


    • Rename the files, leaving them in the original folder
    • Copy the files to another folder, renaming them. The original files are left untouched
    • Move the files to another folder, renaming them
    • Create symbolic links in another folder. The links use the naming method requested, the original files untouched
  • The plugins tab lists the plugins available


    • Available plugins are listed in the box on the left. Choosing a plugin displays the tags that are available when renaming files
  • Filename


    • Choose the naming scheme to use when renaming files
      • For Prefix and Suffix, choose Number or Date to add each to the beginning or end of the filename. A custom string may be entered in the box next to the drop-down list
      • Choose an option for the Filename or Extension. Using Custom allows the use of the tags provided by plugins
      • If using numbers, choose a starting and ending range
    • The box at the bottom is a preview of the renamed file
  • Click Finish to perform the renaming operation


  • Original author: Dominik Seichter <domseichter AT web.de>
  • Current maintainer: Heiko Becker <heirecka at exherbo dot org>

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