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{|class="tablecenter vertical-centered"
|[[Image:Ksystemlog.png|thumb|300px|Screenshot - Click to enlarge]]||<translate><!--T:1-->
|[[Image:Ksystemlog.png|thumb|300px|<translate>Screenshot - Click to enlarge</translate>]]||<translate><!--T:1-->
'''KSystemLog is a system log viewer from KDE'''</translate>
'''KSystemLog is a system log viewer from KDE'''</translate>

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Screenshot - Click to enlarge
KSystemLog is a system log viewer from KDE

It was ported to KDE SC 4 but appears to be no longer developed.

This program is developed for beginner users, who don't know how to find information about their Linux system, and don't know where log files are.

KSystemLog has the following features :

  • Show all logs of your system, grouped by General (Default system log, Authentication, Kernel, X.org...), and optional Services. (Apache, Cups,...)
  • Colorize log lines depending on their severities
  • Tabbed view to allow displaying several logs at the same time
  • Auto display new lines logged
  • Fast parsing and reading (more than 10000 lines each 5 seconds)
  • Detailed informations for each log lines
  • Quick filter
  • Able to send a log message manually to the system.
  • Save, copy to clipboard and printing are of course available.
  • It can parse the following log files of your system : System, X.org, Kernel, Authentication, Acpid, Cups, Postfix, Apache, Samba, Daemons, Cron, XSessions

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