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La pantalla inicial de Kaffeine
Kaffeine - un complet reproductor de medis que pot dur a terme totes les tasques multimèdia bàsiques.
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Amb Kaffeine podeu:

  • Reproduir:
    • Fitxers d'àudio
    • Fitxers de vídeo
    • VCD
    • DVD
  • Veure la televisió digital
Kaffeine dvd.png

If you have a working dvb-t card in your system, Kaffeine knows about it and shows a button on the start tab "Digital TV". It shows as well a new configure option on top "Television".

S'afegeix un nou dispositiu
Es configura el dispositiu

All you have to do, after you select your source, "hessen-de" in my case, is to click the start scan button.

La pantalla de cerca de canals

Add then the found/selected channels to the left (as in the screenshot already done) and you're ready to watch TV.

The next screenshot shows the video and channel select window:

Se selecciona el canal

Recording is as simple as well:

S'estableix el temps de gravació

There's even a program guide:

La guia de programació

This helpful tutorial gives another view of how to set up and use Kaffeine to watch digital TV.


  • File browsing with Drag&drop support
  • Full subtitle support: automatic and manual subtitle loading

You will find the Project website here and you can ask questions on the IRC #kaffeine channel on irc.freenode.net

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