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Kanagram.png Kanagram — гра у впорядкування літер (розв’язування анаграм).

Програма є частиною освітнього проекту KDE.

Kanagram welcome.png

Kanagram mixes up the letters of a word (creating an anagram), and you have to guess what the mixed up word is.

Kanagram features several built-in word lists, hints, and a cheat feature which reveals the original word. It also has a vocabulary editor, so you can make your own vocabularies, and distribute them through Kanagram's KNewStuff download service.

Kanagram has a neat user interface which is reasonable even for younger children.


  • Built in word lists
  • Hints and cheat help system
  • Word list editor
  • Wordlist distribution via KNewStuff
  • Scalable user interface appropriate for children


Kanagram shows a hint.
Word list editor of Kanagram.
Downloading new stuff for Kanagram.


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