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Kate (KDE Advanced Text Editor), storesøsteren blandt tekstredigerings-applikationerne

Kate kan alt det, som KWrite kan og meget mere. Du kan have mange dokumenter åbne samtidigt, og du kan have flere visninger af det samme dokument.

Advarsel om "ændret dokument"
  Dokumenter overvåges for ændringer udefra, sådan at du kan undgå problemer.

Kate's many features include

  • Multi-Document Interface
  • Window tabbing and window splitting
  • Character encoding support and conversion
  • Syntax highlighting and bracket matching
  • Code and text folding
  • Auto-indentation
  • Auto-completing
  • Block selection
  • Regular Expression find and replace
  • Scriptable using JavaScript

and much more

Editing Latex in Kate
Editing the project page html source

Visit the project pages for more information


  • Where did Kate go? It is often thought that Kate is missing, as it is usually not listed in distribution repositories. In fact it is now part of a larger development package, so you must install kdesdk.

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