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Kdenlive Руководство Видеозахват

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Kdenlive предоставляет функциональные возможности для захвата видео с внешних устройств - Firewire, FFmpeg, Screen Grab and Blackmagic.

Вы настраиваете видеозахват в Настройка -> Настроить Kdenlive -> Захват (Settings -> Configure Kdenlive -> Capture) (подробнее об этом здесь).

You define the location your captures will end up using Settings -> Configure Kdenlive -> Environment -> Default Folders (more on this here).

To execute a video capture select the Record Monitor and choose the capture device from the drop down in the bottom right.

Kdenlive Capture video1.png


This captures video from sources connected via a firewire (also known as - IEEE 1394 High Speed Serial Bus) card and cable.


I believe this captures video from an installed Web Cam using Video4Linux2.

Screen Grab

This captures video of the PC screen using recordMyDesktop. There is an open defect with this functionality - See bug tracker ID 2643


This is for capturing from Blackmagics decklink video capture cards (AFAIK). Not sure how stable this code is at the moment. See defect 2130.

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