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Clip Menu

The functions controlled from this menu affect the clip that is selected in the timeline. This is in contrast to Project Menu functions which affect the clips selected in the Project Tree.

Kdenlive Clip menu.png

Markers Menu Item

The context menu allows you to Add, Edit and Delete Markers

Automatic Transition

When a transition is selected, this menu item allows you toggle the transition to and from Automatic Transition mode.

Other Items

The other menu items which appear when in the Clip menu are also available from the Project Bin - Right-Click Menu.

  1. Extract Audio
  2. Transcode
  3. Clip Jobs
    1. Stabilize
    2. Automatic Scene Split
    3. Duplicate Clip with speed change
  4. Clip in Timeline
  5. Locate Clip
  6. Reload Clip
  7. Duplicate Clip
  8. Proxy Clip
  9. Clip Properties
  10. Edit Clip
  11. Rename
  12. Delete Clip

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