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Меню Клип

Функции управляемые из этого меню влияют на клип, который выбран на Линии времени.

Kdenlive Clip menu.png

Пункт меню - Маркеры

Контекстное меню позволяет Добавить, Изменить and Удалить Маркеры

Автоматический переход

When a transition is selected this menu item allows you toggle the transition to and from Automatic Transition mode.

Split Audio

Selecting this causes the audio portion of a clip to be placed on an audio track in the timeline. The video track and the audio track will be grouped together. This group can be removed using the Timeline ->[[Special:myLanguage/Kdenlive/Manual/Timeline/Grouping#Removing_Clip_Grouping|Ungroup Clips]] menu option.

Audio Only

Causes Kdenlive to only use the audio portion of the selected clip.

Video Only

Causes Kdenlive to only use the video portion of the selected clip.

Audio and Video

Causes Kdenlive to use both the audio and video of the selected clip.

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