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15 August 2023

20 June 2021

23 May 2021

  • curprev 19:4919:49, 23 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 98,567 bytes +108 updated description to highlight the LADSPA plugins need to be installed outside kdenlive.
  • curprev 08:0708:07, 23 May 2021Claus chr talk contribs 98,459 bytes +65 Marked this version for translation
  • curprev 02:0402:04, 23 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 98,394 bytes +3,850 Added/updated Video waveform monitor Vignette Vignette Effect Vocoder Volume (keyframable) Vpp_qsv VR360 Equirectangular Mask VR360 Equirectangular to Rectilinear VR360 Hemispherical to Equirectangular VR360 Rectilinear to Equirectangular VR360 Stabilize VR360 Transform VyNil (Vinyl Effect) Wave Wave shaper Wave Terrain Oscillator White Balance White Balance (LMS Space) Wipe Xbr Yadif_cuda Yaepblur z-1 Zmq Zoompan Zscale
  • curprev 00:2700:27, 23 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 94,544 bytes +1,365 Added/Edited Untile V360 value Valve rectifier Valve saturation Vectorscope Vectorscope Vertigo Vibrato Video Noise Generator Video Quality Measurement Video Values
  • curprev 00:0400:04, 23 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 93,179 bytes +4,743 Updated/Added TAP AutoPanner TAP Chrous/Flanger TAP DeEsser TAP Dynamics (M) TAP Dynamics (St) TAP Equalizer TAP Equalizer/BW TAP Fractal Doubler TAP Pink/Fractal Noise TAP Pitch Shifter TAP Reflector TAP Reverberator TAP Rotary Speaker TAP Scaling Limiter TAP Sigmoid Booster TAP Stereo Echo TAP Tremolo TAP TubeWarmth TAP Vibrato Tape Delay Simulation Technicolor TehRoxx0r Thistogram Threshold Thumbnail_cuda Timeout indicator Tint Tmedian Tmidequalizer Tonemap_vaapi Transform Transform Transient

22 May 2021

  • curprev 23:3823:38, 22 May 2021Tenzen talk contribsm 88,436 bytes −2 fixed formatting errors
  • curprev 23:3723:37, 22 May 2021Tenzen talk contribsm 88,438 bytes +12 fixed several formatting issues
  • curprev 23:3623:36, 22 May 2021Tenzen talk contribsm 88,426 bytes 0 fixed swapuv formatting
  • curprev 23:3523:35, 22 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 88,426 bytes +6,512 Updated/Added Saturation Saturation SC1 SC2 SC3 SC4 SC4 mono Scale_cuda Scale_qsv scanline0r Scdet Scratchlines screen Scroll SE4 Sepia Set Range Shape Adaptive Blur Shape Alpha Sharp/Unsharp Sharpen Shear Shufflepixels Shuffleplanes sigmoidaltransfer Signal sifter Signalstats Silencedetect Simple amplifier Simple delay line cubic spline interpolation Simple delay line linear interpolation Simple Delay Line, noninterpolating Simple High Pass Filter Simple Low Pass Filter Sine Oscillator (Freq:Au
  • curprev 22:3822:38, 22 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 81,914 bytes +3,655 Added/Modified Oldfilm Oscilloscope Oscilloscope overlay Pad Pan Phase Photosensitivity Pillar Echo Pitch Scaler Pixelize Plate reverb Pointer cast distortion Position and Zoom Posterize Pp Prewitt Primaries R Rate shifter Rectangular Alpha mask (Formerly Mask0Mate) Regionalize Rescale Retro Flanger Reverse Delay (5s max) RGB adjustment RGB Parade RGBA Shift rgbnoise Rgbsplit0r Ringmod with LFO Ringmod with two inputs Roberts Rotate (keyframable) Rotate and Shear Rotoscoping Rubber Band Mono Pit
  • curprev 21:3921:39, 22 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 78,259 bytes +1,402 Added/Modified NDVI filter Nervous Nikon D90 Stairstepping fix Normalise Normalise (2 pass) Normalise (deprecated) Normaliz0r Normalize RGB video nosync0r
  • curprev 21:2821:28, 22 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 76,857 bytes +1,415 Added/updated Mag's Notch Filter Matrix Spatialiser Matrix: MS to Stereo Matrix: Stereo to MS Matte Mcompand Median Medians Mirror Mixdown Modulatable delay Mono Amplifier (ver >= 0.9.10) Mono to Stereo splitter Monochrome Motion compensation deinterlacing Motion Tracker Multiband EQ multiply Multivoice Chorus
  • curprev 20:3820:38, 22 May 2021Tenzen talk contribsm 75,442 bytes 0 corrected formatting on LumaLiftGainGamma Luminance
  • curprev 20:3620:36, 22 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 75,442 bytes +2,967 Added/Modified Karaoke Kernel Deinterlacer Key Spill Mop Up Kirsch K-Means Clustering L/C/R Delay LADSPA Lens Correction Lenscorrection LetterB0xed Levels LFO Phaser Lift/Gamma/Gain Light Show lighten Limiter Loudness Meter Loudnorm Lowpass Lowshelf LS Filter Luma Lumakey LumaLiftGainGamma Luminance
  • curprev 16:0316:03, 22 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 72,475 bytes +903 Added/Updated Impulse convolver Interlace field order Interleave – Deinterleave Invert Invert Invert04 Inverter
  • curprev 15:1715:17, 22 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 71,572 bytes +3,000 Added/updated Haas Hard Limiter hardlight Harmonic generator Hdcd Hermes Filter Higher Quality Pitch Scaler Highpass Highshelf Hilbert transformer Histogram Histogram Hqx Hue Hue shift
  • curprev 14:2114:21, 22 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 68,572 bytes +3,186 Added/updated Edge Crop Edge glow Edgedetect Elastic scale filter Elbg Emboss Equaliz0r Erosion Estdif Exponential signal decay Exposure Extrastereo Fade from Black (video effect) Fade in (audio effect) Fade out (audio effect) Fade to Black (video effect) Fast Lookahead limiter Fast overdrive FFT Fftfilt Fill boarders Filp Horizontally Firequalier Flanger Flanger Flip Vertically Flippo FM Oscillator Foldover distortion Fractionally Addressed Delay Line Freeze Frequency tracker

20 May 2021

  • curprev 13:0813:08, 20 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 65,386 bytes +2,652 updated/added Dcshift DCT Denoiser – Deprecated Deband Decimator Declipper Deesser Defish Deinterlace_qsv Delayorama Delogo Denoiser Deshake Despill difference Dilation Diode Processor Dissolve Distort dither Divide DJ EQ DJ EQ (mono) DJ flanger Dnn_processing dodge Drawbox Drawgrid Drmeter Dust Dynamic Text Dynaudnorm

19 May 2021

  • curprev 13:1913:19, 19 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 62,734 bytes +2,223 Updated/added Compand Compensationdelay Composite Composite and transform Constant Signal Generator Contrast Copy Channels Corners Crop by padding Crop Scale and Tilt Crossfade Crossfade (4 outs) Crossfeed Crossover distortion Crystalizer Curves Dance darken DataScope Dblur DC Offset Remover
  • curprev 06:0306:03, 19 May 2021Claus chr talk contribs 60,511 bytes +13 Marked this version for translation

18 May 2021

  • curprev 19:3919:39, 18 May 2021Tenzen talk contribsm 60,498 bytes +1 fixed formatting on the comb effects.
  • curprev 19:3619:36, 18 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 60,497 bytes +3,141 Added/Updated Chroma Shift Chromanr Ciescope CMYK adjust (avfilter) Color balance Color Channel Mixer Color Distance Color Effect Color Hold Color Selection color_only Colorcontrast Colorcorrect Colorize Colorize colorlevels colormatrix Colortemperature Comb delay line cubic spline interpolation Comb delay line linear interpolation Comb delay line noninterpolating Comb Filter Comb Splitter
  • curprev 19:0919:09, 18 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 57,356 bytes +2,603 Updated/Added Barry's Satan Maximiser Bass Bezier Curves Bilateral Binarize Binarize Dynamically Biquad bluescreen0r Blur Bode frequency shifter Bode frequency shifter (CV) Box Blur Box Blur Brightness Brightness (keyframable) burn BurningTV – Deprecated Bw0r Cairo Affine Blend Cairo Blend cairogradient cairoimagegrid Cartoon Cas Charcoal Chebyshev distortion Chroma Hold Chroma Hold Chroma Key  (formerly Blue Screen)
  • curprev 18:3418:34, 18 May 2021Tenzen talk contribsm 54,753 bytes +42 Fixed Balance, Average Blur and Bandpass
  • curprev 18:3218:32, 18 May 2021Tenzen talk contribsm 54,711 bytes +6 fixed formatting for Average Blur and Balance
  • curprev 18:3118:31, 18 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 54,705 bytes +718 Added/updated Auto phaser Average Blur Balance Balance Bandpass Bandreject
  • curprev 18:2318:23, 18 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 53,987 bytes +990 added/updated Audio Spectrum Filter Audio Wave Audio Waveform Filter Audiomap Auto Mask
  • curprev 18:0918:09, 18 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 52,997 bytes +2,432 Updated/added AM pitchshifter Anlmdn Aphaser Aphaseshift Apply LUT Apulsator Arndn Artificial latency Asidedata Asoftclip Astats Asubboost Asubcut Asupercut Asuperpass Asuperstop
  • curprev 17:4517:45, 18 May 2021Tenzen talk contribs 50,565 bytes +237 updated alphaatop alphain alphaout alphaover alphaxor
  • curprev 04:5704:57, 18 May 2021Claus chr talk contribs 50,328 bytes +13 Marked this version for translation

17 May 2021

16 May 2021

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