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Kdenlive, wie der Name impliziert, ist ein KDE Nnicht-Linearer Video-Editor. Er ist freie Software (GPL-lizensiert) der primär auf die Linux-Platform abzielt aber auch auf vielen anderen Systemen arbeitet (*BSD, Windows, MacOS...), da er lediglich auf portablen Komponenten beruht (Qt und MLT Framework).

Non-linear video editing is much more powerful than beginners' (linear) editors, hence it requires a bit more organization before starting. However, it is not reserved to specialists and can be used for small personal projects.

Through the MLT framework, Kdenlive integrates many plugin effects for video and sound processing or creation. Furthermore Kdenlive brings a powerful titling tool, a DVD authoring (menus) solution, and can then be used as a complete studio for video creation.

Video editing features

  • Multitrack edition with a timeline and virtually unlimited number of video and audio tracks, plus facilities for splitting audio and video from a clip in multiple tracks
  • Non-blocking rendering. You can keep working on a project at the same time a project is being transformed into a video file
  • Effects and transitions can be used with ease, and you can even create some wipe transitions of your own!
  • Simple tools for easy creation of color clips, text clips and image clips
  • Automatic slideshows creation from pictures directories, with crossfade transitions among the images
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts and interface layouts
  • and much more!

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