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''非-線性影片編輯'' 遠比初學者的(線性)編輯器易用, 因此使用之前它要求多一點的規劃. 然而, 它不只適合專業行家使用,它同時適用小型個人專案.
''非-線性影片編輯'' 遠比初學者的(線性)編輯器易用, 因此使用之前它要求多一點的規劃. 然而, 它不只適合專業行家使用,它同時適用小型個人專案.
Through the MLT framework, '''Kdenlive''' integrates many plugin effects for video and sound processing or creationFurthermore '''Kdenlive''' brings a powerful titling tool, a DVD authoring (menus) solution, and can then be used as a complete studio for video creation.
透過 MLT 框架, '''Kdenlive''' 整合了很多影音處理創作的插件特效更進一步, '''Kdenlive''' 自帶了強力的字幕工具, DVD 寫作 (選單) 解決方案, 用來完成完整的影音工作室的產品發表.
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KdenliveKDE Non-Linear Video Editor的縮寫. 它是自由軟體 (GPL licensed) 主要運行在在Linux 平台之上. 它也可以運行在 BSD[1] 及 MacOS ,主要依賴可跨平台的軟體元件 (QtMLT 框架).

非-線性影片編輯 遠比初學者的(線性)編輯器易用, 因此使用之前它要求多一點的規劃. 然而, 它不只適合專業行家使用,它同時適用小型個人專案.

透過 MLT 框架, Kdenlive 整合了很多影音處理創作的插件特效. 更進一步, Kdenlive 自帶了強力的字幕工具, DVD 寫作 (選單) 解決方案, 用來完成完整的影音工作室的產品發表.

Video editing features

  • Multitrack edition with a timeline and virtually unlimited number of video and audio tracks, plus facilities for splitting audio and video from a clip in multiple tracks
  • Non-blocking rendering. You can keep working on a project at the same time a project is being transformed into a video file
  • Effects and transitions can be used with ease, and you can even create some wipe transitions of your own!
  • Simple tools for easy creation of color clips, text clips and image clips
  • Automatic slideshows creation from pictures directories, with crossfade transitions among the images
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts and interface layouts
  • and much more!

Video Intro

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  1. Berkeley Software Distribution

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