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The Project Tree

The Project Tree is a tab in Kdenlive which lists all the clips that are associated with the project.

Clips can be dragged from the Project Tree to the Timeline.

Kdenlive project tree.png

Text Box labeled 1 is a filter which filters the clips visible in the tree by name.

Icon labeled 2 is the Add Clip Button - adds Video or Audio clips to the Project Tree.

Drop Down labeled 3 is an Add Clip drop down list. It allows you to add other clip types to the Project Tree.

Icon labeled 4 brings up the properties for the clip that is selected in the Project Tree.

Icon labeled 5 deletes the selected clip from the Project Tree (but not from the file system).

Icon labeled 6 toggles docking of the Project Tree.

Icon labeled 7 closes the Project Tree. The Project Tree can be made visible again from the View menu.

The number in brackets after the length of the clip is the number of times this clip appears in the timeline. In the screenshot, the VID008.MP4 clip is 19 seconds long and appears in the timeline one time.

Project Tree - Right-Click Menu

The images below show the menu items available when you right-click a clip in the Project Tree. The images show the 0.9.3 and the 0.9.6 versions of the menu. In version 0.9.3 of Kdenlive, the Stabilize submenu item was replaced by a Clip Jobs submenu item. In 0.9.6 the Reverse Clip job was added to the Clip Jobs menu group.

Kdenlive Project right click 0.9.3.png
Kdenlive Right click project tree menu 0.9.6.png
ver 0.9.3 of Kdenlive ver 0.9.6 of Kdenlive

The menu items which appear when you right-click on an item in the Project Tree are also available from the Project Menu.

  1. Add Clip
  2. Add Color Clip
  3. Add Slideshow Clip
  4. Add Title Clip
  5. Add Template Title
  6. Create Folder
  7. Online Resources
  8. Extract Audio
  9. Transcode
  10. Stabilize (ver 0.9.2)
  11. Clip Jobs > Stabilize (ver 0.9.3)
  12. Clip Jobs > Automatic Scene Split (ver 0.9.3)
  13. Clip Jobs > Reverse Clip (ver 0.9.6)
  14. Reload Clip
  15. Proxy Clip
  16. Clip in Timeline
  17. Clip Properties
  18. Edit Clip
  19. Delete Clip

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