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Timeline pane

The timeline is the central part of Kdenlive. It is made of 4 different areas (see screenshot).

  • 1 - Track resizing icon. These 2 icons allow you to increase or decrease the height of the tracks. The default height of tracks can be configured in Kdenlive's Settings dialog.
  • 2 - Timeline ruler. This shows the time in frames or in hh:mm:ss notation. The area highlighted in green is called the selection zone, and is useful if you want to render only a part of your project. Left clicking in the timeline ruler will move the timeline cursor and seek to that position. The Timeline ruler context menu allows you to manage Guides.
  • 3 - Track header. This box shows some options for a track. First is the track name (Video 2 in the screenshot). That name can be changed by simply clicking in it. Below are icons to Lock the track (prevent adding / removing clips), Mute the track, and Hide video from this track. Right clicking in the track header will give you a context menu allowing to manage (add / delete) tracks.
  • 4 - The track itself, this is where you can drop your clips.


The timeline is made of tracks. There are two kind of tracks: audio and video. The number of tracks is defined when creating a new project in the Project Settings Dialog. Adding a clip in timeline can be achieved by dragging it from the Project Tree or the Clip Monitor.

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