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Kdenlive/Підручник/Панелі інструментів

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Панелі інструментів

Основна і додаткові панелі інструментів

Kdenlive has a Main Toolbar, Kdenlive Main tool bar.png

an Extra Toolbar, which by default contains the Render button, Kdenlive Render button.png

and a bottom toolbar. Kdenlive bottom toolbar01.png

For more info on the Bottom Toolbar see Editing.

Configuring the Toolbars

The tools that are available on these are defined in Settings -> Configure Toolbars.

Kdenlive configure toolbars01.png

Hiding and Showing the Toolbars

You can toggle the hiding and showing of the toolbars from the View menu using the Main Toolbar and Extra Toolbar menu items. You can also control this from the Toolbars Shown menu item in the Settings menu.

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