Composite Transition

The composite transition combines the video data from 2 video tracks into one.

Tutorial 1

See this tutorial that describes how to use

Tutorial 2 - composite transition and Blue Screen

Tutorial showing how to use the "Blue screen" function ,composite transition and Keyframes to animate one image moving over another in the KDEnlive video editor


Tutorial 3 - Video Masks

This tutorial uses the composite transition and a custom video mask (matte) to create an effect where you can make it appear that one video is playing on the screen of a still of a computer monitor.

The mask / matte is created with GIMP.

Save your mattes to /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdenlive/lumas


Screen shot of composite transition using a custom wipe file to mask out a section of video - as described in Tutorial 3 Composite transition with wipe file.png

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