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Композиційний перехід

The Composite transition combines the video data from two video tracks into one. This transition is used in combination with Alpha Channel information supplied by one of the Alpha Manipulation Effects or by the use of a Wipe File. This Alpha Channel data describes how the data from the two video tracks should be combined. Until you define some alpha channel data using an Alpha Manipulation Effect or a Wipe File, changes in the Composite transition settings will have no visible effect.

Note: The disadvantages of the Composite transition are: luma bleed, and less precise position control. When compared to Affine, the Composite transition, it does not support rotation or skewing but it is much faster, albeit at the cost of luma bleed.

Дії із прозорістю

Composite transition showing alpha channel operation options.png

Діями з прозорістю є Накладання, ТА, АБО і Виключен АБО

Operation Over

  1. The clip with alpha information is located on the top track: the selected color acquires transparency.
  2. The clip with alpha information is located on the bottom track: we see only the top clip.

Alpha operation Over.png

Обробка ТА

  1. Кліп із даними прозорості розташовано на верхній доріжці: вибраний колір стає прозорим.
  2. Кліп із даними прозорості розташовано на нижній доріжці: усе на зображенні стає прозорим, окрім вибраного кольору.

Alpha operation And.png

Обробка АБО призводить до вилучення будь-яких даних щодо прозорості

Alpha operation Or.png

Operation Xor

  1. The clip with alpha information is located on the top track: everything in the image becomes transparent, except for the selected color.
  2. The clip with alpha information is located on the bottom track: the selected color acquires transparency.

Alpha operation Xor.png

Підручник 1

Див. ці настанови, де описано, як використовувати:

  • Composite Transition.

Tutorial 2 - composite transition and Blue Screen

Tutorial showing how to use the "Blue screen" function, composite transition and Keyframes to animate one image moving over another in the Kdenlive video editor.

Підручник 3 — маскування відео

This tutorial uses the Composite transition and a custom video mask (a.k.a. a Wipe File or matte) to create an effect where you can make it appear that one video is playing on the screen of a still of a computer monitor.

The mask/matte is created with GIMP.

Збережіть ваші маски до /usr/share/kdenlive/lumas.

It would appear that you need to stop and restart Kdenlive in order for it to pick up new matte/wipe files saved in the above directory.

There appears to be a defect in this functionality which means that when the composite is on 100% Opacity, the wipe file does not work. You need to change it to 99% to make the effect kick in.

Composite transition with wipe file.png

Знімок композиційного переходу з використанням нетипового файла витирання для маскування частини зображення відео, як це описано у Підручнику 3.

Aspirational goal - a compositing experiment made using detonation films free sample effects.

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