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|{{#ev:youtube|SJxwG6fyAQQ|428|center|Pan and Zoom Tutorial - Linuceum}}
|{{#ev:youtube|SJxwG6fyAQQ|428|center|Pan and Zoom Tutorial - Linuceum}}
|{{#ev:youtube|M8hC5FbIzdE|428|center|Keyframe Animation - Linuceum}}

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  • Short tutorials explaining frequently mis- or not-understood features or workflows
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Written Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Basic Introduction to Kdenlive - nixiepixel
Image and Title Layers Transparency Tutorial - Open Source Bug
Pan and Zoom Tutorial - Linuceum
Keyframe Animation - Linuceum

Move videos can be found using a YouTube search and on the Vimeo Kdenlive Tutorlal Channel

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